Adam Goodman


Since graduating from Anglia Ruskin University three years ago, I have been looking into the concept of blurring reality. I started out looking at traditional landscape photography in black and white and colour to get a ground level of understanding into different techniques, which would enable me to develop my abstract imaging.

My style has changed since a trip to Yorkshire during the month of June last year. This project was used in the Lonely Arts Club Forum show in September. It gave me the opportunity to move away from solely looking into abstract concepts, and to refocus on straight landscape photography. The Images ranged from: a close-up Image of a buttercup, underwater reflection, Black and White shot of a house taken after research into the artist Bill Brandt, and a sunlit hand. The sunlit hand takes on abstract form and texture.

My work is constantly changing, and moving away from abstract form and becoming more figurative.

I photographed many contrasting objects and shapes to create a development of ideas. I am looking at close up details to reveal their form and texture.