Julia Cameron

With over thirty years experience, my practice has become refined to Landscape and Fine Art Photography. 

For the last four years I have been working on a long-term project. It is a contemplation and reflection on the landscape of the East Coast of England where I can often be found experiencing and capturing the misty, murky light, colours, textures and the weather that often blows in from the North Sea. 

One area known as "The Edge," is a piece of land between the Pleasure Beach and the Outer Harbour of Great Yarmouth, being bounded by sea on one side and an industrial estate on the other. Until recently it was an abandoned and neglected stretch of land with its own wild character. Sadly for me, since early 2018 it has become the site of a major commercial development. 

My attention has also been given to marginal land around the Norfolk Coast and The Wash, also to the landward side of Great Yarmouth to Halvergate Marshes and Reedham and to the desolate area of Breydon Water.

My preference is to photograph there on misty days when the effect of the light gives spareness to the images and reduces the colours of the landscape by overlaying them with grey. It is beautiful, particularly in winter with its grey skies drizzle and fog. When the Easterly wind blows it is also bone chillingly cold and requires a particular dedication to my art.

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