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Who we are

LAC (The Lonely Arts Club) is a group of like-minded artists in the East of England.


We are engaged in the practise of artwork which is more than local, more than decorative and often explores long term ideas and themes.


This is exemplary contemporary art in Norfolk, exhibited annually in large scale shows with space to explore and develop ideas.


During our exhibitions, our artists often work in-situ over the course of several weeks. It's worth visiting more than once to see how the art work evolves in the space. Venues are thoughtfully selected, to enhance the theme of the show. For example, in 2020 LAC exhibited at the Undercroft Gallery in Norwich, this extraordinary space added an intriguing theatricality to the 'In-Situ' exhibition; not least because the venue floods when it rains!


We pool resources and expertise to give opportunities to our members that would otherwise be out of reach.


We facilitate exhibition opportunities with as much mutual support as we can provide.


Get in touch! We are always interested to hear from artists who would like to join us. If you live near Norwich and would like to find out more about membership, use the contact form on this website to find out more.

Previous Exhibitions

Together we make exhibiting art possible! Many of us are experienced artists, who understand the limitations of trying to exhibit alone. We are supportive of each other and share our knowledge and skills in order to show the work of our members and support each others' special projects and ideas.

Take a look at our most recent group ventures.