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A vibrant, summer-time exhibition at the Undercroft Gallery, featuring a compelling variety of contemporary art from some very well-known local artists, including Tanya Goddard. Goddard’s extraordinarily detailed fantastical clay sculptures made a show-stopper addition to this year’s show.


LAC artists chose to interpret the exhibition title in diverse ways; with powerful abstract paintings by George Pfeiffer and an installation that evoked the nostalgia of a 1940s living room by Emma Louise Jarvis. Andy Sloan’s massive metal sculptures accentuated shapes and shadows that are synonymous with the Undercroft. His work felt very much a part of the building’s fabric, evoking a sense of place. Andy Hornett created dynamic plastic sculptures: new lifeforms growing out of the floor and an inorganic orange blossom multiplying from the ceiling.


The place coming to life…. This is a favourite venue for the LAC and this proved to be a very exciting exhibition.

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