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Roger Foyster

Roger Foyster - The Artist and Muse
Mutant, Macabre and very slightly Mad!

I seem to have been an artist ever since I dropped into this world.  An habitually creative individual at the mercy of my own unusual and rather insistent imagination, I have a tendency to delve into the dark and the ridiculous for my creative endeavours.

This has led me to work in a variety of media, whichever I feel fits the expressive need at the time. Having been an artist blacksmith by profession for the last 26 years, I am also an illustrator, writer, humourist, sculptor, mask-maker, musician, and have a tendency to perform, often in disturbingly entertaining ways!

I am currently creating larger constructed three-dimensional multi-media pieces, as well as audio work, as a more expansive expression of my written and illustrated worlds.

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