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Natasha Day

Natasha Day
Material Maverick

What inspires me is material that is textural, flexible and unpredictable in its makeup meaning that I can manipulate it for alternative outcomes. I like to see what substances can do, a meeting of the physical and my imagination.

Put simply this means I am a material maverick, intent on a compositional outcome that has visual and tactile interest in an organic way.

From being a painter using acrylics, I began to use excessive mixed media within the paintings until I reached a stage that I felt restricted by canvas and began looking towards making three D sculpture.

This coincided with starting a BA in Fine Art and access to the workshops providing me with more potential material to experiment with especially welding metal which totally hooked me.

For me the making of art is focused on composition and experiencing chance. This is the agenda for my community art workshops, material experimentation and composition with paint and mixed media to achieve an outcome that is satisfying, leading to curiosity and further experimentation, for any one at any level.

Some of the workshops I run are specifically focused on mental well-being and are informed from my past career as a mental health nurse.

Currently my work is with metal, yarn and glass, some of which can be seen on my website.

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