Natasha Day

    Natasha Day’s past life as a mental health nurse informs her interest in the unseen and the layers of both people and the world around us. These ideas emerge through her work to give voice to the hidden and the ambiguous in our natures and multi dimensions of things in general.

    Having started off with the “rule book” both in art and psychiatry, if there is such a thing, Natasha now translates this into painting which is both eclectic and abstracted though often emerges as landscapes.

Driven to move away from the “academic” in art and into the intuitive and responsive of the psyche this has led to forming her acrylic painting workshops “intuitive art- freedom to paint”.

    These also have a positive psychology slant in that they intend to mentor people to find their joyful and free creative muse. Based on abstracted techniques they allow anyone to create art to develop their own paths as artists while enjoying the process.

    A passionate believer in “art for wellbeing” she also works as a tutor in art for positive mental health.

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