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Pause Reform



The LAC artists were excited to return to one of the most dynamic exhibition venues in Norwich: The Undercroft Gallery. This subterranean space feels alive. The shadows move throughout the day. There is a quiet juxtaposition in this cool, low-lit cavernous space, versus the colour, bustle and crowds of the adjacent market place. There is the sound of dripping and the marks on the walls show the waterline from the last time the Undercroft flooded … which is often.


The artists’ work organically occupies this space. Some artists choose to create in situ and be inspired by the venue. So a symbiosis forms between the artist and the Undercroft. For the artist, their work takes on a profoundness that marks their time in this really special venue. Memories of the act of creating are as important as the outcome. The Undercroft and its subtly changing atmosphere has an influence on that.

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